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Application Flow for new Myanmar Domain

From 2015, the expiration policy of domain changed to "the date register to the Year end". Myanmar's Year End is 31st of March. This price will be applied for the application in April. The Fee will be different on the month the applied. For the more detail, please see "Domain registration fee for each application month".

お申込 必要書類の送付 取得手続き ドメイン取得

▶ Please search your desired domain on our web site.

If you wish domains can be obtained, please sign up on our website or your application form.

Required documents please send separately in PDF or mail.

▶ Make sure your application content, would be happy to send you an invoice. Prices, please payment by the method described in the "payment method".

* If there is no even payment after two weeks from invoicing, we will cancel your subscription.

▶ domain acquisition procedures starts. It takes approximately three days to one week to process Please note.

* Domain is prior application principle. Because there are times when you wish of the domain has been filed and registered in your application, please understand beforehand. In that case we will refund the amount of money that we receive payment.

▶ If you have death domain procedure is completed we will contact you.

We will send you the whois registration details as deliverables.

Required documents at the time of your application

Upon your application, please prepare the required documents below. Please submit a copy or PDF of the original.

1. Myanmar domain acquisition application form

Download the following link download application form, fill out, please send it by mail/FAX/postal mail.
In addition, it is unnecessary fill If you apply WEB.
  ▶ Myanmar domain acquisition application form (Excel 173KB)
  ▶ Myanmar domain acquisition application form (PDF 173KB)
  ▶ Terms and Conditions(PDF) 217KB

2. Certificate of Incorporation (Copy)

Please submit the Certificate of Incorporation of the local companies.

3. Documents can be confirmed trademark rights

If you are subscribed the domain, such as service and product names, please send the documentation that you can see the trademark rights.
Material but is can be obtained even if there is no, if the domain dispute or the like has happened, you might not be able to claim a legitimate right.

Payment method

After confirming your application content, will be issued an invoice. Please pay by any of the following.
Will begin to acquire the domain after confirmation of payment.
* Because the domain is a prior application principle, there is also the case that the domain of hope in the meantime from being acquired other companies.
* If you can not pay within two weeks from the issuance of the invoice, we will cancel your subscription.

  ▶ Paypal
  ▶ Credit Cards
  ▶ US dollar cash payment in our Yangon office (in the case of Myanmar local companies of the your application only)

Please see the "Payment Method" page for more information.


Will deliver the following at the time of acquisition of the domain.
  ▶ Domain registration certificate and WHOIS registration information confirmation (our format)
  ▶ A copy of the acquisition agency service agreement with INNWA (If you are using Proxy Services)
  ▶ DNS control panel registration information (in the case of "DNS CPanel" option available)
  ▶ Hosting Server Info (In the case of "WEB & Mail Server" option available)

Please See Sample of Deliverables page for more information