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List of FAQ

Can an individual/personal, not for Company purpose also acquire the domain?

We are considering it as corporation Mr.-oriented acquisition service now in December, 2013. We are preparing so that individual persons can start independent contractors' application henceforth 2014.

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About Proxy Service

Unless this domain is the Myanmar overseas subsidiary, it cannot be registered, but even when you use Acquisition Substitute Service and it is an affiliated company in Japan without an overseas subsidiary, the thing under the name of partner our company to register is possible.

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Renewal of contract period

Your renewal of updating must be applied one week before domain contract expiration and please pay the charge for the expense of next year. Since it receives one month before expiry of the term of contract, please give us an application with ease.

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About Domain Transfer (Ownership Change)

Transfer of a domain is possible. However, the transfer needs to clear the premise of domain acquisition of Myanmar. At the time of domain transfer, renewal of the contract for the next year is needed. It is transferred and carried out about between the unexpired periods at the time of transfer. The customer needs to ask the inquiry form us.

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What happens to the registration to "whois"?

When overseas companies acquire the domain in Myanmar using acquisition substitute service, Owner/Main Contact serves as an acquisition substitute service (proxy service) provider (INNWA COOPERATIVE LTD). It becomes CHUM'S SOLUTIONS MYANMAR of Administrative Contact, Billing Contact, and a Japanese general agent. Technical Contact serves as Myanmar Technology Gateway which is an official-recognition registrar.

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About change of a registrar

A registrar cannot be changed.

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Are any domain names acquirable?

We are allowed to consider it as acquisition of only the company name domain like a corporation, and a trademark domain as of December, 2013. Preparation is advanced so that it can apply henceforth 2014.

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What is DNS "Con-Panel" (option service)?

We offer the control panel of a DNS server. Please examine those who need to rewrite DNS data frequently. A fee will be 5,250 yen/one year.

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About cancellation of contract terms

Cancellation is impossible on the way. If a domain is not updated, it is canceled automatically.


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Is it OK to set up the name server anywhere?

It is necessary to place the name server in Myanmar. For the customer who does not own the name server in Myanmar, we offer a name server from our company for free. In order to actually employ a domain, a setup of a DNS record is needed. In a contract term period, the set-up-fee for DNS record is free of charge for once, and the price of the 2nd time and afterwards is 3,150 yen (including tax). Those who need to rewrite DNS data frequently need to examine DNS "Con-Panel" (option service). A fee will be 5,250 yen/one year.

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whois ( does not have registration information.

It is a thing that general public presentation is interrupted for the reason by the side of a whois operator (as of December, 2013). We need to come make connection directly at whois of Myanmar, and since we can check a domain registration situation etc., please feel easy. In addition, we will send the contents of registration to those who use our service and acquired the domain. Moreover, since we will prepare a domain management screen in 2014, I prepare so that it can confirm there.

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Be related with an inquiry.

The inquiry to our company should use inquiry form provided below. Since we do not support the contact via telephone, we would appreciate if you use the inquiry form.

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