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Services and Fees

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Can be obtained by foreign companies! Myanmar of the Internet domain will acquire behalf.
Foreign companies in the use of acquisition agency service I can also be obtained by simply send a copy of the copy of the registration.

Usually, the foreign companies outside of Myanmar to get the Myanmar domain, you need to take a complicated procedure.

Using our servies, it is possible to register by providing your copy of CI (Certificate of Incorporation) or Trademark registration documents.

Settlement of the US dollar, and support in English.

CHUM's Solutions Japan Co.,Ltd. (A Japanese company) is operating. Therefore, the settlement in the US Dollars or Japanese Yen, and customer support in English, just as you can apply for a general domain acquisition.


Chum's Solutions Myanmar, Inc. and have been working with, of and rental server Myanmar, Burmese homepage (WEB) production is, of course, quickly respond to inquiries from local people "contact center services" also offer and we have.


From 2015, the expiration policy of domain changed to "the date register to the Year end". Myanmar's Year End is 31st of March. This price will be applied for the application in April. The Fee will be different on the month the applied. For the more detail, please see "Domain registration fee for each application month".

* To get the Myanmar domain, you must be a Myanmar corporation. The "Myanmar companies" in the table above indicates local companies, including the local subsidiary name incorporated under the Foreign Investment Law. Application of in any other name will be "foreign company".

* And if you use the acquisition agency services, even if the corporation has no subsidiaries, it is possible to register on our partners (INNWA COOPERATIVE LTD) name. If the acquisition agency services available, please send a copy of the copy of the registration of the corporation. Apostille by English translation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Myanmar Embassy notary will be unnecessary.

* Myanmar domain, you need to configure a name server in Myanmar. Customers do not have a local name server, we will provide a name server for free from our company. To operate actually the domain, you will need to set the DNS record. Once in the set fee contract period period free, the second and subsequent is ¥ 3,240 (tax included). Please consider the DNS control panel (optional service) If you have any need to rewrite the DNS data frequently. Use fee will be 5,400 yen / 1 year (tax included).

* After domain get in, if there is a change or cancel offer conditions by political and legal reforms of Myanmar, charges that were paid will not be refunded. Thank you in advance for your understanding

* The above is a thing of the current February 1, 2015. The contents are subject to change without notice.

* February 2015 now, and we have been provided only to corporate application of company name domain and trademark domain.

Expiration date for new application

Expiration date of the domain, but was "valid for one year from the date of registration" general, it has been revised from 2015 and "from the registration date to the year-end." (※ Myanmar of year, is Japan the same April 1 to March 31st.)

Therefore, the expiration date of when you get a new domain in our company, I will consider it as shown below.

Application of ①1 January to March, you with your application of domain expiration date until next year (next year March 31).
Application of ②4 May to December, you with your application of domain expiration date of the end of the current fiscal year (next year March 31).
Prices, it becomes monthly installments, will be rounded up at 10 yen. For more monthly installments room rates, please refer to the "domain acquisition fee for each application month".

▶ Examples of new registration of domain
・When applying for a new domain on February 10, 2015, will be ① apply.
 It becomes the expiration date of the end of the next fiscal year (March 31, 2016), the fee will be 14 months.

Domain registration fee for each application month

For your application of the first year, it will be fee of up to contract end, registration fee will vary depending on the application of the month. Domain registration fee for each application month will be as follows. Monthly installments fee, we rounded up 10 yen.

Apply Month Myanmar Company(*) Foreign Company DNS CPanel (OP) Expiration
April 14,800円 22,000円 5,400円 This year end
(31 Mar next year)
*Myanmar year ends
31 March
May 13,570円 20,170円 4,950円
June 12,340円 18,340円 4,500円
July 11,100円 16,500円 4,050円
August 9,870円 14,670円 3,600円
September 8,640円 12,840円 3,150円
October 7,400円 11,000円 2,700円
November 6,170円 9,170円 2,250円
December 4,940円 7,340円 1,800円
January 18,500円 27,500円 6,750円 Next year end
(31 Mar next year)
February 17,270円 25,670円 6,300円
March 16,040円 23,840円 5,850円

(*)Myanmar Company means Myanmar local company or subsidiary company of foreign company established under the Foreign Investing Low.

For contract renewal

To get continuously available domain you your application, you will need to have your application for renewal before the contract expiration.
When update I will send you the guidance of contract renewal in early January every year. 2 your application payment of the updated until the end of the month Please complete your. In addition, When you past your deadline, there are times when it can not contract extension , so thank you for the applicant to have a margin.

Myanmar Company(*) Foreign Company DNS CPanel (OP) Expiration
14,800円 22,000円 5,400円 Next year end
(31 Mar next year)
*Myanmar year ends
31 March

complementary Services

Registration of the domain acquisition and whois

The following information to the WHOIS server of Myanmar domain When you get the domain will be registered.

In addition, if you get the Myanmar domain by using the acquisition agency service, Owner / Main Contact to be registered in the whois is the acquisition agency service providers (INNWA COOPERATIVE LTD). In addition, Myanmar Technology Gateway, Inc., to our business partners, is Myanmar registrar companies.

WHOIS Data Myanmar Company Foreign Company
TECHNICAL Myanmar Technology Gateway Myanmar Technology Gateway
BILLING CHUM'S Solutions Myanmar CHUM'S Solutions Myanmar
NAME SERVERS Name Server in Myanmar Name Server in Myanmar

Specific registration example, please click the following.

▶ Myanmar company has acquired Myanmar domain of whois information (example)

▶ Foreign companies (Japanese companies) is acquired whois information of Myanmar domain (Example)
Noshikumi Incorporated (

Proxy Services

Myanmar domain can not be registered as non-Myanmar corporation, and if you use the acquisition agency services, even if there is no local Japan corporation, it is possible to register at our partner name. Normally, but requires submission of Apostille has been translated into English copy of the registration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc., it can be registered only in the confirmation of the copy of the registration.

DNS (Name Server)

Myanmar domain, you must specify the Myanmar name servers. Customers do not have a local name server, but will provide a name server from us, it is necessary to set the work of the DNS record. Please see the options service for more information.

Optional Services

Please see the " optional services" for more information.

For cancellation, change, transfer

Change of the registrar

Registrar can not be changed.


You can not cancel. If you do not update the domain will be automatically canceled.

Domain transfer (nominal rewriting)

Transfer of the the domain is available. However, you must transfer destination is clear the prerequisites of the Myanmar of the domain acquisition. The time domain transfer you will need to update the following year worth of contract. I will be carried forward for the remaining period at the time of transfer. Please contact us for more inquiry form your hope.


This service is a service of the domain registration. In order to transmit and receive home page and e-mail in the registered domain, you must have a separately available rental server. Rental server is rental server I will recommended to provide the Company, rental server service provided in Japan is also possible to use some. Please check the rental server company.