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Section 1. General

Article 1 (Application of the Terms and Conditions)

1. CHUM'S Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company".), The Myanmar domain acquisition Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to. "Terms of Use") has established, on the basis of this Terms of Use, Myanmar domain acquisition service (hereinafter referred to as "this service "that.) I will provide.

2. Contractor assumes that you are in compliance with the Terms of Use, to receive this service. If you do not agree to this Terms, you will not be able to use this service.

3. Terms and Conditions will be applied to any relationship between the Company and the contractor in providing and using the Services.

4. The Company is a separate Agreement and Additional Terms set forth separately, will form part of the Terms and Conditions. If the Terms of Use and the individual Terms and Additional Terms are different, separate Terms and Additional Terms will prevail.

5. Our company in providing this service, Chum's Solutions Mynmar Co., through the Ltd, Myanmar Technology Gateway Co. as a registrar, and appointed Ltd., Will appoint the INNWA Co-operative Ltd. as the acquisition agency service. Therefore, upon subscribers receive the provision of this service, other Terms, and agree to Terms such as set forth in the following, we assume to comply.
・Domain Service Agreement
・Domain Name Proxy Agreement

Article 2 (Change of Terms and Conditions)

1. We may want to change this Terms of Use. Fee and other service conditions of this case, depends on the Terms of Use of after the change.

2. When changing the Terms and Conditions, the Company shall be notified or notifies the content for a change who is the target of the change. However, even if the notification or notification does not reach, it shall Terms of the changed are applied. In addition, it notifies the post in case emergency and unavoidable.

Article 3 (Service of providing area)

Provide areas of the Service to the country with the exception of North Korea, I Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Sudan.

Article 4 (Contents of the service)

We, services provided in this service you as follows.
(1) Basic Service
It provides a Myanmar domain acquisition service and acquisition agency services. Detailed conditions, Myanmar domain acquisition service application form (hereinafter referred to. "Service Application Form") and shall be included in.
(2) Optional Service
It provides ASP services associated with the basic service. Detailed conditions, shall be described in this service application form.

Article 5 (End of service)

1. We, by our circumstances, you may want to terminate this service.

2. If you want to terminate the service, before more than three months, in writing, to have other methods are well known about it in the contract, and then decided to terminate this service.

3. By the end of this service, even if the contractor has suffered some damage, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Section 2. Contract

Article 6 (Unit of contract)

1. If the contractor apply a multiple of this service, you shall be individually entered into a service contract use.

2. We may define a special contract depending other needs of the Terms and Conditions. In this case, the contractor assumes that you comply with the special agreement with the present Terms and Conditions.

Article 7 (Contract period)

Contract period of this service can be calculated from the available start date provided for in Paragraph 1 of Article 11 (completion of a contract), and then one year.

Article 8 (Providing conditions of service)

1. The Company is ID required the use of this service, information such as passwords and host address (hereinafter referred to. "This service usage information") will establish. This service usage information, you can notice in conjunction with the application receipt notification.

2. contractor it is assumed to be strictly manage the use of the Service information set forth in the preceding paragraph, shall take care of thorough so as not to damage to the Company or a third party by these unauthorized use.

Article 9 (Restriction on Transfer of Rights)

The right, etc. use contractual rights to receive the provision of the service, our consent without, other transfer, loan, you will not be able to make the act of such pledge.

Article 10 (contract application)

1. The contract for use of the application (hereinafter referred to as the "use application".) If you are a, after the Terms of Use of acceptance, you will need to submit this service application form by the use How to apply the Company set.

2. In application of the contract, you may want to request a separate such as company information confirmation materials that we determine submission.

3. to use application form other materials that get submitted to us, if you want to describe the personal information, about having to provide personal information to us, you shall be described in the consent the person.

4. The Contractor shall, in the extent necessary to provide this service, assume that you agree that our company is to provide the information of subscribers to contractors, etc..

Article 11 (completion of a contract)

1. If the Company has accepted the use application of this service, you can notice in writing that describes the use start date. Use agreement is established in this use start date.

2. provision of the service according to the contract application is done in the order in which they were accepted the offer in principle. However, you may want to change the order by the circumstances.

3. The Company, in the following cases: you may not accept the use application of this service.
(1) Person who has the application of this service is Article 25 (Discontinuation) when it falls under any of the first term in each item.
(2) When person who has the application of this service is that you fall into one of Article 25 (Discontinuation) Paragraph 1 in the past, or, when there is that it was subjected to the same action in other services provided by the Company
(3) When I described the false facts in application form
(4) In addition to the preceding items, if the Company has determined that there is on our operations hindrance

4. If we do not accept the offer, the Company will notify to the applicant.

Article 12 (change of service contents)

1. contractor, if you wish to change of this service contents, assume that you apply for change by the method we determined separately. p>

2. If you accept the preceding application, the Company will notify to the contractor. p> If

3. and the receipt of the paragraph 1 of this article of the application, when the technical there are difficulties, our business operations on the trouble, such as is in, it is the Company does not accept the offer. In this case I will notify the contractor. p>

Article 13 (change of name, etc. of the contractor)

1. The Contractor shall, when there is a change in each issue of the following, and shall notify promptly the Company that.
(1) Name
(2) Address
(3) Matters
related to billing (4) Contact telephone number, e-mail address p>

2. When there is a notification under the preceding paragraph, the Company you may want to request the submission of documents to prove the fact that there was of that notification.

Article 14 (Succession of status of contractor)

Contractor at a corporation merger or demerger, when there is a succession of status of subscribers due to transfer of business, the contractor shall notify in writing to that effect immediately to the Company. If the Company does not accept the succession, the Company within 14 days after the notification receipt, you shall be able to cancel the subscription is notified in writing to the successor corporation. If we did not release, succeeded the corporation shall succeed to the all of the obligations under the service contract.

Article 15 (cancellation of contract subscribers do)

Subscribers, when you cancel the use agreement, shall be notified in writing by the Company separately determined to up to one month before the contract cancellation of the day for our release of fact and release to service, and the like. In this case, when the period from the date on which it was of notification until the day it is the day of release in the notification is less than one month, the efficacy of release of the month that passed one month from the date it was of such notice the last day I shall occur.

Article 16 (for the release of the use agreement that we do)

1. The Company, when there is a reason that then frying, you assume that it is possible to cancel the subscription.
(1) If Article 25 is (provided stop) on the basis of the first term we have to stop the provision of the service,
when the grounds that caused the outage within 14 days from the date of arrest is not resolved (2) Article 25 (providing stop) have one of the reason of paragraph 1, when it is recognized that there is likely to cause significantly interfere with the provision of the service p> According to

2. Article 25 (providing stop) and paragraph 1 of this article, if the use of this service was stopped and released, contractor, lose the right of access to the stored data , the Company in any form against the contractor, no obligation to use their data, or a copy thereof. P> According to

3. Paragraph 1 of this article, if you are to terminate this service, we assume that you can completely erase the contractor of data stored in its equipment without prior notice . P>

4. If that is released contract pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 1 of this article, the contractor shall pay the debt related to the use of this service by invoice from us. P>

5. Contractor, when that led to the fall in any one of the following items, the Company, any all of the notification or immediately available contract without requiring notification or one It is assumed that it is possible to release the part.
(1) themselves shaken or underwriting was bill, check becomes dishonored, when subjected to a trading suspension from financial institutions, or when the payment stop, the grounds of insolvency has occurred.
(2) the contractor is foreclosure, provisional seizure, received a complaint of auction as a result of the execution of the provisional disposition or enforcement or security interest, bankruptcy, corporate reorganization proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, allegations of special liquidation start or company organize start No themselves, or when these allegations have been made from a third party.
(3) dissolution is the contractor, all of merger or business or important transfer of business, or when these allegations have been made from a third party.
(4) When the contractor has received a delinquent taxes of taxes and dues.
(5) Operating cancellation from the contract's regulatory agencies, when received the disposal of business suspension, etc..
(6) the contractor of assets situation becomes worse or when the grounds for equivalent which is sufficient occurs to admit that there is the fear.

Section 3. contractor's obligations

Article 17 (for the domain dispute)

1. During the contract to the skilled service, ICANN is set to peruse the "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy", it is assumed that you agree. If the contractor has been challenged for this service use than a third party, you agree to be bound by the ICANN Uniform Domain Dispute Policy (UDRP) at that time. At that time, the contractor performs the compensation to the Company and the upper registrar, and the Company and the top registrar is you agree to be exempt.
・Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

2. If the domain acquisition agency services INNWA Co-operative Ltd is provided by the dispute to the applied domain has occurred, the Company notifies the release of the domain acquisition agency service to subscribers, subscribers agree to promptly service release I will with things.

Article 18 (management of this service usage information)

1. Contractor is assumed to be strictly manage the use of the Service information provided, it shall take care of thorough so as not to damage to the Company or a third party by these unauthorized use. In addition, the contractor shall be responsible for all damages caused by the unauthorized use.

2. Contractor, if the use of the Service information has been found that has been illegally used by a third party, shall contact to that effect immediately to the Company.

3. We, leakage of this service usage information, for any damages arising from such unauthorized use, unless the Company is intentional or gross negligence, and does not assume any responsibility.

4. Company If the unauthorized use caused by the leakage of this service usage information occurs, you may need to forcibly change the password. When you have changed the password, the Company will notify to the contractor.

Article 19 (provision of necessary information)

Contractor, assume that you keep all of the information that we have provided for the use of this service accurate and up to date.

Article 20 (response obligation by e-mail)

1. Subscribers, always e-mail from Company, is to be reliably reach the contact e-mail address a subscriber is notified, in the case where it was from our of request, making a response without delay to it I you have.

2. We, for subscribers, service and that seems to be beneficial, there are cases where the information of products and services such as business partners to send by e-mail.

Article 21 (maintenance of technical standards)

Contractor, shall comply with the technical conditions provided for in Article 47 (technical conditions).

Article 22 (prohibited acts)

Contractor, on the occasion the use of this service, you shall not take the following actions.

(1)Violate the law, or the fear of a certain act, or act that is similar to it.

(2)Is discrimination or slander our or any third party, or its honor, trust, act of infringement of personality rights of privacy, etc., or the fear of the act that.

(3)Personal information false information about the other third party collection using other fraudulent means, act to acquire, or act that is similar to it.

(4)Disclose personal information illegally without the consent of the person to a third party, act to provide, or acts that are similar to it.

(5)Our or any third party copyright, other acts that infringe the intellectual property rights, or actions that the fear.

(6)Act of infringement of any of the benefits worthy of legal protection of the Company's or any third party, or the fear of the act that.

(7)Criminal act, and act to facilitate or seduces a criminal act, or act with their fear.

(8)Acts provide deliberately false information, or act that is similar to it.

(9)Any act in violation of the Public Offices Election Law, or the fear of the act that.

(10)Pyramid scheme ("Ponzi scheme") or act similar to it, or the act of soliciting this.

(11)Obscenity, child prostitution, child pornography, the act of transmitting the content corresponding to child abuse, and act in violation of the Act on the Protection of Children, or act that is similar to it.

(12)Act on Control and Optimization of adult entertainment businesses, etc. Is video transmission type of customs special business to define, or act that is similar to it.

(13)Act on Regulation on to attract the children by using the Internet Dating business. Internet Dating business to provisions, or act that is similar to it.

(14)Act to interfere with the provision of our services this, or actions that the fear.

(15)Act of using the Service in a method or aspect gives a hindrance to communication of a third party, or the fear of the act that.

(16)Our or third party operational computer, the act of unauthorized access to telecommunications equipment, etc., cracking action, attack action, and the Company or a third party operational computer, in the method or aspect give trouble in telecommunications equipment, etc. act of using this service, and actions of the information published, such as to facilitate their action, or action that is similar to it.

(17)Unauthorized and advertising to third parties, the act of sending advertising or solicitation e-mail (including the specific e-mail is not limited to). Or third parties have a feeling of disgust, or e-mail ("e-mail harassment", "junk mail") with the fear act of sending a, and actions that are similar to it.

(18)Interfere with the computer virus and the like others of business or you can use by using this service a computer program with the fear, act to provide to a third party, or actions that the fear.

(19)Act to change the third party of the communication environment to expensive communication line of international telephone or dial Q2, etc. without permission, and act to distribute a computer program to change the settings.

(20)The tamper with information that can be accessed from third party the Service, or act to erase.

(21)Act illegally use the ID or password of another person, or act that is similar to it.

(22)Other, and violate the legal interests of others or, the act of using the Service in the method or manner contrary to public policy.

2. The act provided for in the preceding paragraph, it is like a link to a site that is doing the act, including the equivalent to be act the act to attract, or as a result.

3. For Paragraph 1, Item 12 and No. 13, in accordance with the provisions of optimization method or dating site Control Act, properly that it is business operations, which the Company could be confirmed, the first term excludes from the provisions apply, there are times when it acknowledges the use of specially this service. However, then, to be the case and improper business operations were carried out prohibited acts prescribed in paragraph 1 if the Company has determined, to carry out measures, including the suspension of the provision of services provided for in Article 25 (providing stop) There is a thing.

4. If the contractor has determined in our company and have done an act corresponding to the prohibited acts as defined in paragraph 1, the Company, in addition to performing the measures specified in Article 25 (providing stop), in violation of the contract's cost of operation, etc. required for the corresponding complaints against, and the Company might be charged to the contractor damages expenses incurred by the violation of the contractor.

Chapter 4. provides stop and provide stop

Article 23 (limit-interruption of use at the time of emergency)

We, natural disaster, incident, war, Henran, riot, civil commotion, labor disputes, other emergency occurs, or when the fear is there is to occur, temporarily this service without prior notice to the contractor you may want to interrupt. In addition, the Company also as a delay or interruption of the provision of the service has occurred by their reason, does not take responsibility for any damage that the contractor due to this is suffered.

Article 24 (provided abort)

1. We, the following cases are assumed to be able to stop the provision of some or all of the Service.
(1)When unavoidable for maintenance or construction of our equipment
(2)And when unavoidable for the occurrence or the prevention failure or the like of the Company or other electrical communication business facilities
(3)Unauthorized access to our equipment, when there was cracking, the act of attack, etc., or, when these acts is suspected to have been carried out.
(4)When we are no longer able to provide the service by law revision on the Internet and communication of Myanmar,
(5)When performing the limit of use of this service is based on Article 23 (limit-interruption of use at the time of emergency)

2. If you decide to cancel the provision of the service, the Company to Subscriber, to notify the period of that effect and the service provider discontinued in advance. However, this does not apply when the emergency is unavoidable. The Company does not assume any responsibility if this is due to damage to the contractor has occurred.

Article 25 (providing stop)

1. We, when the contractor falls under any of the following items, you shall be able to stop the provision of the service.
(1)When that did not meet its obligations on the service contract
(2)When it is in violation of the contract's obligations as stipulated in Chapter 3
(3)Respect to use of the services we provide, when given the excessive load or serious hindrance to directly or indirectly to the Company or any third party (including the destruction of such facilities and data, but not limited to)
(4)When specific telecommunications service provider of liability limit and there is a declaration about the law regarding disclosure of the caller information, there are reasonable grounds for the declaration by the Company is determined to be a reasonable
(5)When credit card or the like which subscribers designated by receipt agent companies or financial institutions are no longer able to use
(6)If in the case where the contractor and the fee payer is different, than fee payer, there is a notice of payment stop of fee, the fee payment method subscribers alternative to it, it is not filed within the period prescribed by the Company
(7)In other services we provide, and when it is terminate the contract by the Terms of Use violation
(8)Other, when the Company deems inappropriate

2. We without notice to the contractor, it is assumed that it is possible to take the necessary measures to stop the provision of the service in whole or in part pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, or stop. If this is due to damage to the contractor has occurred, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Chapter 5. Services and Fees

Article 26 (fee)

1. This service fee structure that we offer you as follows.
(1)Initial setting fee
(2)Monthly payments
(3)Option Services' Initial Setting Fee
(4)Option Services' Monthly Payments

2. Fee for this service, separately with respect to the price list that we presented, suppose you have as of this service application form described.

Article 27 (payment obligation of charge)

1. Contractor is obligated to pay the fee of the preceding article (fee).

2. For Article 25 (providing stop) defined by the calculation of the fee of even this service even if the provision has been stopped for this service, you handling as there was a provision of the service. In addition, the Company will agree that we have no obligation to refund any fee already paid this service.

3. Pursuant to the provisions of Article 11 (completion of a contract) Section 4, even if the Company has canceled the consent of the agreement, the Company will charge the same amount of damage gold and if the contract is established for the use applicant . Procedures for claims for damages gold is the same as in the procedure of fee claims.

Article 28 (method of calculating the fee)

1. 本For service monthly fee, with the exception of the case of each of the following items, monthly, and the amount of fee to be calculated according to calendar month. If use contract start date is the middle of the month, for the fee of the service of the month, and the amount which is calculated from the following equation.
This service fee = Monthly Fee x Subscription period number of days in the month / Number of days in the month

2. Use the value of the fees of the contract start month, I will with the total amount of monthly fees and the initial fee of the month that initiated the provision of the service in the month.

3. (Except when there is a release prior to the expiration of the minimum contract period.) Cancellation of the contract, even in the case of a day other than the last day of the calendar month, the amount of the month fee, up to the last day of the month I will be the amount of monthly fee.

4. When the minimum contract period has finished the subscription before the course, the full amount of the fee in accordance with the present service corresponding to the lowest contract period, it shall be paid in a lump from the date of contract cancellation within one month.

Article 29 (Payment of fee)

1. Subscribers to the Company, and shall pay this service fee on the last day of the month following the month use of this service the end of each month as cutoff date.

2. Even if the service contract start date is the middle of the month, charge for this service of the month is assumed to be paid until the end of the following month.

3. If there has been a change of usage fees, such as options Add this service to use the month of this service use, and shall pay to the next month until the end of the month change.

4. The Company shall send an invoice to the contractor until the following month the 10th of this month service use.

Article 30 (extra charge)

Rates of contract who escaped illegally to pay, in addition to its escaped forehead, you have to pay by the due date we specify that escaped was forehead and the same amount as premium.

Article 31 (delay damages)

Contractor, if there is no fee still payment has passed the due date for other liabilities, the contractor for the number of days from the day following the due date until the day before the payment date, calculated at the rate of year 14.5% the resulting forehead, suppose you have to pay by the due date that the Company is designated as delay damages.

Article 32 (Payment of extra charge)

For payment of Article 30 (extra charge) and Article 31 (delay damages), and shall pay by way that we specify.

Article 33 (GST)

In the case where the contractor to pay the debt in accordance with the present service to the Company, and shall Consumption Tax Law (1994 Law No. 109) and the consumption tax and local consumption tax for the payment by the laws and regulations of the provisions relating to the law is imposed when it is, subscribers when to pay the debt to the Company, and shall be paid also to consumption tax and local consumption tax equivalent to this.

Article 34 (rounding)

We in charge and other calculation, if the fraction of less than 1 JPY occurs in the calculation result is rounded to the nearest yen.

Article 35 (consignment of debt collection)

Contractor, if you fail to pay the debt of the Company's fee of this service, receivables Company, the collection services of the receivables, which has received the permission of the Minister of Justice by the "Act on Special Measures for receivables management and collection business" Suppose you want to consent in advance to be entrusted to the collection agency company.

Chapter 6. handling of data software

Article 36 (software copyright, etc.)

1. Software and other various types of information to be provided to the contractor (hereinafter referred to as "software, etc.".) For, its copyright, use of these information all of the intellectual property rights of know-how to the Company or third party that was licensed to you is owned.

2. Contractor, software, etc. for the purpose of the present service use only can be used, can not be use for any other purpose.

Article 37 (handling of data, etc.)

Our server of data in this service, loss, damage, leakage, even if they are used for other than its intended other purposes, for damages directly or indirectly to the result occurs, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Article 38 (data backup)

In this service, the Company for equipment maintenance, maintenance and operation of services of restoration such as failure or stop the server equipment, check the data in the contract directory, or copy, you may want to replicate.

Article 39 (erase such data software)

1. We, like the contractor of the registered information, etc. or contractor management to information of, or exceeds a predetermined standards set by the Company, Article 25 (providing stop) when it falls under any of the items, to Subscriber, any of without notice, delete the information you have actually accumulated, or information you may need to stop the transfer or delivery of.

2. We relates to delete or transfer or delivery of stop of information or the like based in the preceding paragraph, does not assume any responsibility.

Article 40 (cancellation when data software, etc.)

Article 15 (cancellation of use agreement that subscribers do) or Article 16 by (release of use agreement that we do), if that is releasing the service, I will delete data in the server, the software and the like. Directly or loss of indirect subscribers by this, for damages, etc., Company does not assume any responsibility.

Chapter 8. miscellaneous

Article 43 (use of liability)

1. In connection with the use of this service, if if the contractor was damage to other subscribers or third parties, or if the contractor has occurred a dispute with other subscribers or third parties, the contractor it is assumed to be resolved in its own expense and responsibility, and shall not give any of nuisance or damage to the Company.

2. By subscribers, to use this service, and damage to a third party, in the event that the Company has suffered damage by this, contractor, shall compensate for the damage to the Company.

Article 44 (obligation to keep secret)

Contractor, the disclosure of our secret information obtained in connection with the Terms of Use to any third party without consent of the Company's prior written, you shall not leak. It should be noted that, for the handling of confidential information of subscribers who obtained Upon provide this service even in the Company, I will as well.

Article 45 (governed by the referee)

1. If any dispute in connection with the use of this service occurs between the contract and the Company, and shall be consultation in good faith between the contract and the Company.

2. If that does not work, even after consultation, you can the district court or summary court jurisdiction over the Company's headquarters and the first instance of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

Article 46 (Governing Law)

Governing Law on Terms and Conditions, I will with Japanese law.

These Terms of Use, I will conduct from April 15, 2014. This Agreement is a convention of the translation of the Japanese version. I will assume the Japanese version a formal agreement.